• A E T H E R


Aether is a live Motion Capture Dance Performance designed and choreographed from the ancestral use of sacred geometry and the embodied elements: water, fire, earth and wind. The dancers’ movements are tracked and translated to 3D avatars emitting different particle systems in real time, based on the visual properties and behavior of each element.
With Aether, the artists seeks to create an immersive live experience through movement, interactive 3D graphics and music, crafting a cohesive narrative that juxtaposes ancestral knowledge with cutting edge technology.


Kat Sullivan is a Brooklyn based artist who is interested in the intersection between movement and technology. Working with a variety of mediums, she looks for ways movement and technology can form relationships rather than simply share a space.

Sergio Mora-Díaz is a New Media Artist and Architect from Chile based in Brooklyn, New York. His work explores the communicative and interactive qualities of physical spaces through the use of digital technologies, projections, light and sound, focusing primarily in installation art and live performance projects.

LaJune Mcmillian a 23 year old student|artist|nerd living in Brooklyn NY. Most of her work is about interconnection, and experiencing life beyond the material world. She expresses this using Videos, Performances, and Installations.

Ruudy (Xiaoyu) Liu is an artist focused in interactive visual effects projects, experimenting with motion sensing/capturing technologies and developing virtual reality games and experiences.

Darren Solomon is a composer, bassist and keyboard player, based in Brooklyn. He began his career touring with Ray Charles while still in his teens, and went on to work both as an instrumentalist and composer. He has written the music for hundreds of TV commercials, winning both a Clio and Cannes Gold Lion for best music. His collaborative music website In B Flat 2.0, was featured on CNN and NPR’s Weekend Edition, and he records electronic music and remixes under the name Science for Girls.


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