• A E T H E R


Aether is a live Motion Capture Dance Performance designed and choreographed from the ancestral use of sacred geometry and the embodied elements: water, fire, earth and wind. The dancers’ movements are tracked and translated to 3D avatars emitting different particle systems in real time, based on the visual properties and behavior of each element.
With Aether, the artists seeks to create an immersive live experience through movement, interactive 3D graphics and music, crafting a cohesive narrative that juxtaposes ancestral knowledge with cutting edge technology.



Friday, April 21st

Sergio and I came in and had to move everything back into our swing space. Hoping to have awesome arms muscles...

Wednesday, April 19th

Tech meeting today. Sergio and Lajune discussed different possibilities for the VR piece, including using DepthKit. Then Sergio and I tried...

Tuesday, April 18th

Lajune came in today. Also Darren and Nicole came in to run the opening of Earth. Here are the notes: Earth...

Monday, April 17th

Put together the stage in the North Hall and this was our first day being in the main space! We might...

Friday, April 14th

This was an INCREDIBLE rehearsal. Darren, Nicole, and I started to improve with the music and it really opened up a...

Thursday, April 13th

Met with Darren and Alison today. Started with redefining our goals for the residency. We want to create a more integrated...



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