Met with Darren and Alison today. Started with redefining our goals for the residency. We want to create a more integrated piece and re-examine our core concepts, which got a little lost in our rush to finish a piece for Sawdust. We also want to look at the relationship between the dancer and the visuals. And can a “technical conversation”, ie sending osc data from the musicians to the tech team, enhance the artistic conversations, necessary to create a coherent piece. The previous iterations, so much of the development happened in silos between the dancers, the musicians, and the visuals, and how can we redefine the development process to surpass what we achieved at Sawdust?

I also started thinking how the visuals can take such different forms than simply mirroring the human form and I really want to start exploring that. It also raises the questions how can the visuals best highlight the choreography? Can do we want parts of the performance to highlight the choreography and parts to highlight the visuals? How do we do that?