Tech meeting today. Sergio and Lajune discussed different possibilities for the VR piece, including using DepthKit. Then Sergio and I tried to get Ruudy’s code that incorporates sounds to run with zero success. Darren came in and we were hoping to try everything out together but it didn’t quite work out that way. For starters, all of the Visual Studio code was pointing to the F Drive (what Ruudy was using), but our machine needed everything to be pointing to the C drive. I tried to manually change every entry in properties but that seemed like a never-ending uphill battle.

Darren and Alison were able to run the Water section, and Alison and I figured out some spacing issues. After Darren left, Alison, Sergio, and I experimented with multiple people wearing the same suit. It was really cool to see my arm controlling Alison’s virtual arm, but overall it was more silly and it might not be the best fit for the piece. But a good experiment!