In: Pioneer Works

April 21, 2017

Friday, April 21st

Sergio and I came in and had to move everything back into our swing space. Hoping to have awesome arms muscles from moving everything up and down the stairs. Ruudy said to fix the code, we could right-click on the Unreal Project and click “generate Visual Studio files” and that fixed all of the properties pointing the F drive, so now we can get the code to compile. However, whenever we run the project from the Unreal Editor it crashes and it appears that the variable holding the voiceRecording is null. We realized desktops don’t have built in microphones so we plugged in iphone headphones with a built in mic and it’s still crashing.

Lessons Learned: don’t manually fix Visual Studio files for Unreal projects, but there’s a one click solution that can do it for you.

April 21, 2017

Wednesday, April 19th

Tech meeting today. Sergio and Lajune discussed different possibilities for the VR piece, including using DepthKit. Then Sergio and I tried to get Ruudy’s code that incorporates sounds to run with zero success. Darren came in and we were hoping to try everything out together but it didn’t quite work out that way. For starters, all of the Visual Studio code was pointing to the F Drive (what Ruudy was using), but our machine needed everything to be pointing to the C drive. I tried to manually change every entry in properties but that seemed like a never-ending uphill battle.

Darren and Alison were able to run the Water section, and Alison and I figured out some spacing issues. After Darren left, Alison, Sergio, and I experimented with multiple people wearing the same suit. It was really cool to see my arm controlling Alison’s virtual arm, but overall it was more silly and it might not be the best fit for the piece. But a good experiment!

April 21, 2017

Tuesday, April 18th

Lajune came in today. Also Darren and Nicole came in to run the opening of Earth. Here are the notes:

Earth 1
Long rumble, crescendo… slow build as nicole comes thru crowd
When Nicole hinges backwards and drops to floor, rumble gets softer, turns to whisper.
a few pings, then pause like Sawdust show
ping more… enter with wash… same count as sawdust
nicole comes on stage, starts staccato choreography when the 16th notes come in
Alon comes in big at mid point of hi 16th note run section
After 8 bars of bass, Nicole does “butoh slow” – how does music change?
Nicole does spinning dive to ground. Begins to walk across stage, elements drop out.
Transition to water 1 & Alison.
April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17th

Put together the stage in the North Hall and this was our first day being in the main space! We might be the first residents to have worked on all three floors of the building. Worked with Nicole and Alison on their duet for the Water section. Partnering becomes infinitely more difficult in a suit, so we put Alison in the back piece so we made sure not to forget that fact. Played with new lifts and new transitions, and we are finally putting a concrete duet together. Also got to run through Earth and Water sections with Alison and Nicole, and we have the first half of the piece in fairly decent form. All of our backs are aching from all the lifting but it was a very productive day!

April 18, 2017

Friday, April 14th

This was an INCREDIBLE rehearsal. Darren, Nicole, and I started to improve with the music and it really opened up a whole new set of possibilities for this piece. This is our first chance where we really don’t have to restrict ourselves to remaining on the stage. We can interact with the audience, and use the unique space that is the North Gallery. I’m so thrilled this team has remained so committed to this organic process and I know we will slowly but surely put together a project that will be a completely unique experience.

April 18, 2017

Thursday, April 13th

Met with Darren and Alison today. Started with redefining our goals for the residency. We want to create a more integrated piece and re-examine our core concepts, which got a little lost in our rush to finish a piece for Sawdust. We also want to look at the relationship between the dancer and the visuals. And can a “technical conversation”, ie sending osc data from the musicians to the tech team, enhance the artistic conversations, necessary to create a coherent piece. The previous iterations, so much of the development happened in silos between the dancers, the musicians, and the visuals, and how can we redefine the development process to surpass what we achieved at Sawdust?

I also started thinking how the visuals can take such different forms than simply mirroring the human form and I really want to start exploring that. It also raises the questions how can the visuals best highlight the choreography? Can do we want parts of the performance to highlight the choreography and parts to highlight the visuals? How do we do that?

April 11, 2017

Tuesday, April 11th

Stage got taken down on the 1st floor and our swing space on the 2nd floor was a mess. Spent most of the morning clearing stuff out of the swing space and sweeping. It’s pretty much usable now. One of the artists is still storing a lot of work there which will hopefully by gone by Thursday the latest.

Then spent time dealing with our crazy schedule, and updating this lovely blog.

Lessons Learned: Scheduling is an art form in itself

Our current space:

Have a really great VR experience where it alternates between Earth, Water, and Air sections and you can see the dancer in the suit and the particle system side by side. Ironed out minor kinks related to syncing up the videos and began setting up for the show. However, despite the fact that the computer has supported VR experiences before hand and Lajune’s Vive worked last night on her machine, we couldn’t get the Vive and machine to talk to each other. Spent the first two hours of Second Sundays troubleshooting. Finally, we just showed the project in Unreal on a screen. Still received a warm reception. Lajune has a really cool idea about 3D scanning a room and bringing that into the VR experience. TBD

Lessons Learned: Always test your equipment with the machine you’ll be using ahead of time.

April 8, 2017

Saturday, April 8th

Alison came in for more recording. Able to successfully record her on the 1st floor while the wifi router is on the 3rd floor. However, after getting every set up and calibrated the battery died and we didn’t have an extra. Unable to use any of the recording data because her arm was broken and there’s no proper T pose.

Got the 360 video into Unreal, and instead of worrying about rendering it out, we are going to play it as a simulation for whoever is in the headset. Also able to bring the particle systems into the video so you can see Nicole or myself dancing around the space with the particle version of themself. It looks super cool!

Lessons Learned: Always have a spare battery.

April 7, 2017

Friday, April 7th

Computer crashed overnight and we didn’t get to render. Upgrading Unreal to 4.15 from 4.10 to use a plugin that can handle 360 video. Had to install Visual Studio, update it, and clone the spout library for Unreal into the plugin folder (still no idea why we had to do that last part). However, now the project will not open in 4.10 or 4.15. We are trying to compile it from scratch in Visual Studio and it’s proving to be a very painful process. Deleting the project, and re downloading an older version allowed us to open it. Had to disable the PN plugin to silence the errors when we built the project. Now when we open the project it gets stuck loading at 94%, but when we close the window from the taskbar it magically opens up. Trying to use the built in 360 video recorder but despite setting the output directory, no images appear when we record a video. Posted a question on the Unreal forum and now moving on to bringing the 360 ricoh video into Unreal.

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